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Skiing for the first time? Here`s what you need to know!

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how to skyAmong getting rich, getting fit, read 50 books, visit 4 countries and try wind surfing…one of my goals for this year was to learn how to ski. Looking at my other goals I thought I have to start somewhere and skiing seemed the easiest one to me.

Seeing that most of my Facebook friends are doing it, flying over those amazing ski slopes surrounded by beautiful fluffy snow I thought: “Ohh, this is easy as pie”…actually everything seemed easier compared with getting rich,fit, reading a ton of books and spending my lifesaving’s on trips. This time it took me 1 week to convince my boyfriend who not only that hates snow and cold but also it`s almost allergic to my colorful and way-too-often ideas.

So we made the reservations, got into the car and in less than 3 hours…we were tasting the snow, and by tasting I mean literally taste it with out mouths because, guess what? We fell and we fell a lot. I wrote this blog post to help you to be mentally prepared for what`s coming. Here`s what you need to know before going to sky.

You will fall A LOT

Don`t make the mistake to keep your focus on not falling, it is inevitable, I myself fell at the very moment I put my skis on. My advice for you is to focus on the moves,on the turns and on having fun and ignore the failings, it`s like in life: you have to fail (fall) in order to learn. Trust me, you`ll spread yourself on the ski slope like butter on bread, there`s no escape of it.The best part of it is that you barely can feel it, the snow is so fluffy and your clothes too that you will actually enjoy it, you`ll feel like falling in your bed after a long day of work.

You`ll have muscle SORENESS

And I don`t mean on your foot only but also on your arms. Why? Because the skis and the boots are really heavy so prepare yourself for a long battle on the snow or with the snow. At least you`ll get rid of the gym for the next week.

Instructor vs. Freestyle

There is a lot of debating between getting an instructor vs free styling when going to ski,while getting an instructor might be a little expensive, especially if you`re on a budget getting hurt or breaking one of your legs is even more expensive and it could end with a month of sick leaves. So consider learning with an authorized instructor or at least with a friend who did it before, you want to keep your “sick leaves” for other occasions, right?

You`ll feel SCARED

At least that`s how I felt, because I`m not only scared of elevators (I know how pathetic this sounds) but  I`m also scared of new experiences and my mind goes crazy with all kind of scenarios. Can you imagine that the night before taking the trip I dreamed that I was in hospital with both of my legs broken and nobody was coming to see me because nobody cares about me…yeas that`s how my mind reacts every time I do something new.

You`ll look like a drunk, bowlegged elephant on ice

Now, I know you`re ​a delicate lady, all dressed up, always looking good and smelling well but that`s not the case, prepare yourself to look like a bowlegged elephant on ice, at least until you learn the moves. There`s no other way of learning it but “getting your hands dirty”.

You`ll not feel the cold weather

A lot of my friends are using “I don`t like the cold weather” as an excuse when it comes to learning how to sky, the thing is that it`s just an excuse and I know that because I myself used it for a long time to hide my fear of experiencing new things. The reality is that when you`re out there, flying over the slope the only thing you`re going to feel is excitement, happiness and a little bit of fear.

You`ll want more

The truth is that skiing is an amazing sport and if you add that at doing it for the first time it transforms itself in an overwhelming experience. After getting used with the skis and with the failings you`ll love it and you`ll never get enough of it. Not to mention how proud of yourself you`ll be. Back to the strong, independent woman you are.

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