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Top Sights in Bavaria Germany

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Magnificient and stunning Alps with fairytale towns, emerald lakes, snow clad peaks, lovely rivers makes Bavaria a very world famous holiday destination.  Bavaria is located in heart of Europe in South-eastern part of Germany bordering with Austria, Czech Republic and Liechtenstein. So let’s explore Top Sights in Bavaria Germany that too during winters with full of snow. Believe me this tour would be like a fairy-tale tour or riding through wonderland.

Top Sights in Bavaria Germany
Top Sights in Bavaria

Munich is the capital of Bavaria and which is well known for annual Oktoberfest beer festival, art museums and Nymphenburg Palace. In this post I am talking about Top sights in Bavaria state apart from Munich. For Munich, I would be writing another post.

Top Sights in Bavaria Germany –

Garmisch-Partenkirchen – The most famous town of Bavaria with stunning mountain views, splendid nature, unparalleled beauty of countryside, lovely painted houses reconnects us with beautiful pristine nature.

Top Sights in Bavaria Germany
View from my hotel room while staying in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Garmisch is also a ski resort town, famous for skiing, ice-skating, hiking and snowboarding.  Garmisch hosted 1936’s winter OLYMPICS GAMES which makes this places famous for winter sports lovers.  Garmisch is a destination for both adventure lovers and nature lovers. Garmisch is located to south of Munich at an hour drive.

Top Sights in Bavaria Germany
Winter Olympics Stadium in Garmisch

Famous CASTLES Tour in Bavaria – The most famous Neuschwanstein Castle is a gem of Bavaria.  It is also called fairy-tale castle in Fussen town of Bavaria.  This castle is designed by King Ludwig II as a dream castle with help of theater set designer.  Walt Disney logo is derived from this castle which can be seen in their movies and their theme park’s (DISNEYLAND) entrance.  The castle shown in Sleeping – Beauty movie has been adapted from this castle.

Top Sights in Bavaria Germany
Neuschwanstein Castle

This castle is located in Fussen – a small and romantic, south-west Bavarian town.  It was built in 19th century and this castle is one of the most visited castles in the world.  Scenic views of Hohenschwangau valley can be enjoyed from top of castle.  Purchase tickets online as there is always a huge rush/crowd on ticket counters.

Top Sights in Bavaria Germany
Hohenschwangau Valley

How to reach this castle – There are two ways to reach this castle either by hiking through mountains or by horse carts.  Even for horse carts there are huge Q’s.  Better to go during weekdays and start early in morning because sometimes it takes hours and hours to get into horse cart.

Top Sights in Bavaria Germany
Horse cart to castle

There is another famous castle Hohenschwangau castle while going towards this Neuschwanstein castle.  Hohenschwangau castle is located at site of Neuschwanstein castle and was also built in 19th century.  It was built on ruined castle in Gothic style.  This castle was Ludwig’s favorite summer stay option.

Top sights in Bavaria germany
Hohenschwangau castle

Zugspitze Mountain –  Located at 2962 m  above sea level is the highest mountain of Germany.  It is lying towards south of Garmisch and bordering with Austria over western summit.  Can be reached to top of mountain through hiking or by cable cars.  Cable cars are the easiest access method to the top of Zugpitze peak.  These superfast cable cars takes 10 minutes to climb 1725 m and can carry upto 100 passengers in one go.

From top stunning views can be enjoyed and this place is always full of snow even in summers too.  Zugspitze is famous for skiing, glacier walking, snowboarding and other winter sports/adventure fun.  Professional skiers come to this place for many tournaments and other events.  There is also well heated restaurant with 360 degrees panoramic views of Zugspitze for getting up fueled or charging up.

Enjoy Bavarian Lakes and Riverside – Bavaria has abundant treasure of turquoise lakes and picturesque Alpine rivers with emerald waters.  The Upper palatinate Forest has more than 4700 lakes and also known as Land of Lakes. Lake Constance, Eibsee, Chiensee or Starnberg are most famous and scenic lakes of this region. One can feel full serenity of this place.  Rafting, Kayaking, Boating and swimming are major activities  done here.  Also we can explore some hidden lakes during hike/trek for enjoying total peaceful and pristine surroundings.

ROMANTIC ROAD-TOUR – The scenic route from Wurzburg and Fussen passes along lush green patches surrounded by snow-capped Alps, old town centers, beautiful vineyards, emerald waters and rugged hills till you reach to top of Neuschwanstein Castle.  This romantic road is used to be ancient trade route since Middle ages, which is based on ancient Roman Road.

Top sights in Bavaria germany
Views from Romantic Road Tour

STAY IN GERMAN STYLED HOUSES AT MOUNTAINOUS BAVARIAN TOWNS – Garmisch, Mittenwald, Klais, Fussen are some famous scenic towns of Bavaria where you can enjoy typical German style stay.  These half-timbered houses located on cobbled streets, surrounded by snow clad rolling hills.  Enjoy fresh mountain air, Alpine meadows, beautiful panoramic  views and German hospitality.

VISIT TO NATIONAL PARKS – Diverse display of flora and fauna are found in forests or mountains of Bavarian Alps.  Hike through wilderness of Alps to discover unspoiled nature, vast landscapes and spectacular views.  These national parks can be visited all year round whether it is summer or winters.

Main Staying options in countryside of Bavarian Alps –

Garmisch – 90 km from Munich

Mittenwald – 105 km from Munich

Fussen – 127 km from Munich

Top sights in Bavaria germany
Railway network to reach Bavarian Alps

These Top sights in Bavaria germany are well connected through rail and road network.  Euro-rail passes through all these town and even small villages with proper stopping time.  Rent-a- car is also another feasible option to through Bavarian towns.  Inter-city buses are also reasonable and a worthy option.  We opted to stay in family stay kind of accommodation in  Garmisch and explored these places within days and 2 nights.

Bavarian Alps can also be reached through Austrian side via Innsbruck.

So let’s explore fir-clad snowy Alpine mountains, rocky snowy peaks, quaint towns, snow covered emerald lakes and re-discover yourself while immersing into pure nature.

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