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Why Rome is still my favorite city after visiting 7 other places?

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I know everybody`s talking about Rome and by now you may think you know everything about this city. The thing is everybody`s talking about the same things: Colosseum, Vatican City, Fontana di Trevi, the good food and icecream. Don`t get me wrong, those are just as you heard: AMAZING but there`s more that meets the eye on this over-talked and over-visited city, and I`m not talking about pizza.
1. Flowers, flowers everywhere
If you`re one of the persons who likes to walk down the streets of cities when you go to vacation just to feel the vibe, you can call Rome your new partner in crime. Just take a random walk on Rome`s streets and you`ll fell like you have” flowers in your hair” like Sandi Thom. I felt like it was a sort of competition between the neighbors that we, tourists were not aware of. And if you`re still in doubt just look at this other amazing building…20170322_095309
 and streets.
2. The people are happy(er)
How do I know that? I was just buying my beloved morning coffee and with my eyes almost closed I couldn`t helped but noticed the big smile on the bartender`s face. First I thought I can`t see clear because…morning and because coffee, then I thought she`s just having a good day, even if that`s almost impossible at 7:00 AM if you ask me.
However after the coffee got into my veins and my eyes open widely I`ve seen that big dumb smile on the faces of all the people around me. So, I got out of there, what a strange place. Then…on the streets people were smiling too,the businessman in his suit who was riding a motorcycle and waiting in line to get to his job seemed really happy, even the  bin man was smiling and say hello to people. I was like : “What`s wrong with all these people? ” That made me think that maybe they just have a culture of happiness and maybe there`s something wrong with us, the always straight face and grumpy people.
3.The renaissance (aka old-school) hotels

We all know how old is Rome, it was actually founded in 753 BC by twin suns Romulus and Remus when Romulus killed Remus and named the city after him…or it was named by a woman (Roma) who traveled with survivors from Troy or maybe the name came from Rumon, the ancient name for Tiber River. The thing is…nobody knows for sure, the`re a lot of legends about this amazing city and some of them are really worth reading about (like Pandora`s box legend). However what I really loved about it, it was the smell of history you can felt while walking down the streets or while going up to the hotel room. Just look at this old time elevator, I almost felt like I was time traveling.

4.The family businesses
This delicious place that you see in the picture is called Piccola Palermo Restaurant and it has one of the best pizza I have ever tasted. It`s a small place, family-bussiness making traditional sicilian pizza for more than 60 years, now…after 60 years of doing it you can imagine the deliciousness and the tastiness of the pizza that gets out of this family`s hands. And if I made you courious I`ll just let a picture here for you.
My point is that in Rome there are a plenty of this kind of family businesses, in which the secrets of cooking but not only have been inherited and passed from generation to generation just to make you taste the best food in the world. You can find them just by walking down the streets of Rome and you`ll know you`re in the right place by the smell, the family pictures on the walls and the feeling that you traveled 20 years back in time.
5. The amazing vegan/vegetarian food
 Well first of all there`s​ pizza, I tasted more than 10 different kind of all-vegan pizza at Piccola Palermo Restaurant mentioned above (with eggplants, with porcini, with mushrooms, with dried tomatoes, with capsicum, with tomatoes and the list goes on and on), then there`s the pasta, you can always order the “pomodoro pasta”, then there`s the ice cream, I found 3 assortments of all-vegan ice cream (pistachio, hazelnut and chocolate) plus the sorbets.
 In Rome you can find also lots of vegan/vegetarian restaurants and I`ll mention here a few : BonAppetour , Trapizzino, Zazie and Tempesta di Gusti.
So dear all, my advice is when you to vacancy and you want to visit a new country or city don`t just visit the places that everybody knows, losing most of your time standing in line for tickets, just go out there in the streets, make long walks, talk with the local people, feel the city and its vibe, that`s the only way you can make its memory to last longer in your heart.

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