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The Lion City, Singa Pura

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Having the best airport in the world and as an open country where different nationals enter freely without a visa needed, who wouldn’t want to travel here. I was one of many people who entered this country as tourist but not on the sole purpose of traveling but to find a job. But this blog is about travel and I only got a thousand words so that’s another story so first things first…

Documents! Even though this country is open it doesn’t mean you can go directly without proper documents. This country is full of job seekers also so you shouldn’t take their immigration very lightly. They really can turn your excitement into your worst nightmare. So make sure all the spelling are correct. Always prepare along with your passport your itinerary which is a two way ticket and a print out of your hotel booking. By the way , it’s a basic knowledge that flights and hotel bookings are cheaper when book earlier so its always best to plan early.

If your from the Philippines you should also prepare a vacation leave form from your work and work Id. Based on experienced, the immigration in the Philippines is very strict regarding this documents.Sometimes they will ask a statement of account to prove you have enough money to finance your vacation.They don’t care if your plane is leaving already and believe me I’ve seen many individuals crying outside the airport.To make things worst their baggage is already in Singapore. So always double check..

  • Two way Tickets
  • Valid ID’s
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Vacation leave form and Work ID
  • Statement of Account from your Bank

When your done with the immigration then your good to go. I highly recommend you on getting an EZ-link card because you’ll be needing it when riding a bus or a MRT and a Singapore local sim for your mobile internet, google maps, social media apps and etc. This two can be purchase in the airport.

A Fine City

Safety!Singapore is a safe country you could go anywhere without the fear of robbery. The streets are full of cameras and although the country is safe, you should be carefull because this country is also known as the “City of Fines” . You could be charge for just spitting or just picking up some flowers. They are so strict when it comes to cleanliness and you can really see how clean the country is.

Lodging! When it comes to hotel or lodging if you have the money then in Singapore the Marina Bay Sands is the most luxurious place to stay. FullSizeRender
But since my blog is about helping other travelers and sharing our personal experiences also we will recommend some ways to save or travel on a budget. So for lodging I highly recommend the Mercury Backpackers Hostel

This place may not be as luxurious compared to other hotels but for travelers on a budget or for a group of friends this place is great.This place is very near the MRT station also which good for travelers. The only downside on a backpackers hostel is that you get to share the room with other people with other nationalities since the room is good for four.

Like other hotels this Hostel is offering free wifi, breakfast and other amenities. When traveling, a Hotel is just a place where you keep your baggage safe, a place to sleep or rest, charge your gadgets, edit your pictures and videos before posting them. When your in another country the last thing you’ll ever think about is staying inside a room. From the break of dawn till late at night you’ll be outside exploring and definitely enjoying the different places the country has to offer.

FOOD! Tasting another countries delicacies is one of the most exciting things to do. You’ll never fully experience a country’s culture and learn about them just by seeing their famous places. Based on my experience Singapore is a multiracial and multicultural country with ethnic of Chinese, MalaysIndians and Filipino making up the majority of the population. I did not include Filipino just because I’m one but if you don’t believe me then try seeing for yourself in Lucky Plaza every weekends. Since your in Singapore I highly recommend their Chicken Rice , Peking Duck, Shabu-Shabu,fresh Sugar Cane Juice and some of their street foods. It’s not really hard finding this in the country but I recommend going to Bugis or Yuhua Village Market.

You could also try McDonalds and KFC, I know some of you will be wondering why I would even list these two on my blog, these companies are not paying me to promote them but based on my experience and research these Fast food restaurants change their MENU depending on the countries palate or taste. The only thing that always remain in their Menu is the fried chicken but the gravy are not available in other countries for example here in the middle east they’ve change it to a garlic sauce which is also very good.

For us Filipinos we are proud to have a Jollibee in this country and happy to see other nationals eating what we love.

Last but definitely not the least, if your daring enough then you could try eating some frogs which you yourself can choose in a aquarium in one of the restaurants at Geylang lor 9.

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PLACES TO GO!! With your EZ-link card and a little help of your Google Map application finding these places is easy. With Singapore’s train system, traveling this country and completing the list will take you at least a few days only. So here is my list of a must go places in Singapore.


There are a lot of places that I didn’t mention on this blog which are worth going also but these are for me my top places to visit in Singapore. As much as we enjoyed there we hope that you too will enjoy and capture more memories in this place.


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