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Backpacking India and Nepal

I spent the last 2 months backpacking through India and Nepal. From camels to rickshaws, party hostels to backs of buses, and deserts to mountains, it was non-stop culture shock and new experiences. I met some people  I will never, ever forget. Most importantly, I learned some lessons along the way. Traveling teaches you about yourself in ways that are almost unexplainable, and this trip was no different.

Backpacking India and Nepal

India and Nepal were some of my favorite places I have ever visited. Although I was scared to do a solo backpacking trip in India, it turned out to be absolutely life changing.

Thank you to everyone who made my trip special- you know who you are.

For those who will never see this- the sadhus, the yoga teachers, the rickshaw drivers, the children, the people who showed me immense amounts of kindness- your smiles will stay with me forever.

Check out the full video of my trip below.

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