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A New Journey: Thailand – First Stop

THAILAND 🇹🇭 personally, a dream come true. Always dream of visiting that destination, moreover, I still dream of living at some point in my life there.

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A New Journey: Thailand – First Stop: Phuket

THAILAND 🇹🇭 personally, a dream come true. Always dream of visiting that destination, moreover, I still dream of living at some point in my life there. Maybe a year or a couple of months is that I produce something internal that I do not know how to explain. I do not feel at home, honestly, I have never felt more at home than living in Australia … with Thailand is something different. It’s like “really opening your eyes while being somewhere” (I think I still do not explain myself … 😐)

But … how not to be called to know Thailand? if it’s its beaches, its people, its culture that attracts the attention of thousands and thousands of tourists every year who arrive almost intermittently … Well, for something they also call it “the country of smiles”.

This place is also part of the countries that make up the Asian Southeast. It was our third country travelled after Singapore and Malaysia during January and February 2018.


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We arrived on a direct flight to Phuket from Kuala Lumpur. The flight did not last more than 1 hour (in fact it felt less time). On this occasion, we also travel with the same low-cost AirAsia airline without experiencing any problems. These tickets were also purchased at least two months in advance.

👉🏻TIP: It is important to mention that when the distances are so minimal and you travel in a flexible way in terms of dates, buying a plane ticket even a couple of days before is not at all outlandish. Prices never go too high (except for the end of the year parties or a local event), so do not feel that if they do they will be losing a lot of money. For example, this ticket in the tourist class had a cost of no more than $ 50 AUD ~ $ 37 USD.

But first of all, some previous recommendations that you should keep in mind before travelling to Thailand:


🚫You must respect the Monarchy. Do not speak ill of the king and his family in Thailand, he is very loved and people respect him very much. Doing so can take you to jail.

🚫Care where you are going to consume alcohol. It is true that you can see many people drinking on the street, however, I recommend you to be attentive to the indications since you can be fined for it. Obviously, in unauthorized places such as temples, hospitals, public offices and educational institutions to name a few are strictly prohibited.

🚫Be careful where you deposit your garbage, more than an established law, it’s a matter of culture.

🚫Driving a motorcycle without a shirt is prohibited. Avoid the fine and the bad time.

🚫Do not do drugs. He is punishable by law.

🚫Please respect the rules of dress and your behaviour inside the temples.


The religion practised in Thailand is Buddhism 94.6%, Muslims 4.6%, Christians 0.7%, other 0.1%.

His type of government is an institutional monarchy, which means that the king is the head of state.

Before entering a Thai temple you must take off your shoes. Women should have their shoulders covered and not show above the knee (I strongly recommend the use of elephant pants in that case). For normal men, avoid sweatshirts.


They are not obligatory, but necessary. Personally, I was vaccinated against the Yellow Fever and I did the treatment of tablets to avoid Malaria.


✈️ The best months to travel to Thailand between November and March are considered


💰 The currency type is the Thai Bath


👅 Thai is the official language. The second language is English.


💵 ~฿ 584.94 – 818.91 bath  ($25 – 35USD) for two (depends on activities, accommodation and food)


For visa procedures visit 👉🏻


We arrived at the airport at night and we did not have the best reception precisely. When we trying to leaving it, the people who offer you locomotion just want to squeeze your money (at least that feeling gave me). They are little businessmen and they are all colluded. We cost a lot to take a taxi to take us to our accommodation, so I recommend looking for a hotel that has transfer service if you do not want to be arguing all you guys sweating, starving and without any patience. The airport is almost 1 hour from Phuket … far, really far away 😣

For worse luck, the taxi that touched us stopped halfway and took us to a man who ran tours and made us “a talk that he had the best tours in the area and blablaba” It was quite unpleasant and after several attempts of kindness and I already almost thinking that they kidnapped us, we had to speak loudly and demand that they leave us alone so we can leave. In short, it was an unpleasant welcome, even more so when it was almost 2 in the morning! We just wanted to sleep! 🤦🏼♀️

The booking of the room was made by and we stayed in a hostel relatively close to Patong beach. In the centre, where EVERYTHING happens. The hostel itself was not bad, it had good service, good location, but we were in a room without windows! Imagine what it is like to be in Thailand in such a closed place … obviously, we spend most of the time outside to not die melted 😰

Our first day in Phuket was to get up early (JA! Well, the heat feels at that moment like hell itself, so it’s almost impossible to sleep!🔥) and find a place to take the monstrous breakfast. We were starving and it is so cheap to eat like the gods in the southeast that the truth is not even in doubt to lose that opportunity 🐷🐷

7:00 am in Phuket

After eating as magnates we went to walk and to know the beach. It was my first time in Thailand and the truth was that everything was a bit like I expected. I grew up seeing so many pictures and reading about this place that I really expected to see everything that my eyes delighted, without more or less. I was  extremely fascinated 🤩

In one sentence I can say:


Patong Beach

I think it’s the impression we all get our first time there. There is a multiculturalism that almost goes beyond the limits. I love it because they are all happy to pump it … at least that is breathed at all times 😃

The beach of Phuket, ‘Patong Beach’ is quite large, quite wide and with several activities to do. There are many water sports that you can enjoy at sea, and the truth is not expensive at all.

Patong Beach

For those who prefer to stay on land or rather “on the sand”, they can rent backs and a sunshade for less than $ 3 US dollars for the entire day. Keep in mind that the beach is full of street vendors offering multiple products, please be patient and do not be scared. Be nice to them, that way they earn their living 😊

Facing the beach is full of clubs with all the products you can imagine, restaurants and street food stalls, which honestly, in my opinion, the best of all. We tried the Thai ice cream (delicious) and the way they make it is far the best part (I had never seen anything like it before). Also every afternoon we went to eat a banana pancake at the street stall of a very kind lady with whom we ended up talking for a long time 😆

Thai Ice cream (฿ 50 ~ $1,5 USD)

By day it is all full, so a thousand patience and try to enjoy what you can. Do not forget that.

The nightlife of Patong is a very crazy thing. There is a street called ‘Patong Walk’. You see everything and when I say everything is of EVERYTHING. It’s a street full of bars, ladyboys, lots of alcohol and very, very drunk people.

It is known that many people travel to this place as a sex tourist. It is very easy to find spaces for prostitution and drugs. Countless times were offered to us marijuana, cocaine and prostitutes if prostitutes for both 🌚! There are also many women offering drinks, beer, sex and ping – pong show (google it).

Ladyboy in Patong Walk

If you are going to participate in the Thai night PAY your account. Do not get in trouble. If you don’t, you can get into a big mess that will probably end up with blood and police in the place. Avoid drama, it’s unnecessary.

Enjoy your holidays as you want, I’m not the one to judge you but beware … if your instinct says no, pay attention to it. You can end up in something very shady.

Cocktail(฿ 80 ~ $3 USD)

While sitting there at the bar drinking (as we did every night) I realized that going very young to Thailand may not be a very good idea, at least nightlife must be taken calmly, it is easy to fall into the temptations that otherwise, they are of all kinds. For people coming from societies like me a little calmer it can be a bit overwhelming, for me it was not so extreme, I had already travelled to other places where the environment is quite similar.

Beer (฿ 60 ~ $1,8 USD)

Typical Thai dish (Kao Pad sapparod ฿ 120 ~ $4 USD)

We took a day tour to James Bond Island. The island has that name because several years ago one of the films of this character was filmed there.

Along the centre of the city is full of kiosks where you can buy all kinds of tours for endless activities. We saw some, we consulted and we came to a deal with the owner of one to be able to do this tour. I do not remember exactly the value of the tour, but it must have been around ฿ 800 baths ~ $ 30 USD.

I recommend you see several first and bargain. It is the only way to pay just, often the first value they mention is three times greater than the original. This tour included:

👉🏻Pick up at our hostel (8:00 am)

👉🏻A canoe trip by the caves (with a guide) in Ao Phang Nga National Park 🛶

👉🏻Visit to James Bond Island 😎🌴

👉🏻Buffet lunch at the Panyi Village floating market 🌊

👉🏻A short walk through a thousand-year-old cave (which for my taste had nothing millennial was just a dark cave, old and a little smelly)

👉🏻A final stay of a few hours on Naka Island where we finished with beer on the shore of the beach 🍻😎👌🏻

👉🏻They left us around 5pm in our hostel

Ao Phang Nga National Park

Ao Phang Nga National Park

James Bond Island

Panyi Village Floating Market

Panyi Village Floating Market

James Bond Island

Phuket is a place that has several activities to do during the day, such as during the night. I recommend you to enjoy the place and as an advice, if you want to buy souvenirs, but after visiting Bangkok, It’s better put up with a bit that in the capital are the same and cheaper.

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